About Us

We love avakaya and we want to share the joy of authentic and homemade pickles, podis, and pachadi with everyone!

Our motivation for starting this business is that we did not find these traditional home made pickles in the market today.  However, there are quite a few commercial pickle companies who prepare them on a massive scale in factories and god knows when they are made! By the time they come to your dinner table, it is a long time since they were ‘manufactured’!  

True, they are less expensive but then there is no mother's touch to those pickles. They are not like your mother or grandmother or aunt  made them at home. 

One day, a family-friend of ours sent us Dhabbakaya (NaarThangai) pickles from India. The taste was so phenomenal, we were just blown away! It was a eureka moment!  We have instantly decided to market them here in the India! Most of us who cherish these pickles, crave for that great traditional home made taste. As such we don't eat them in huge quantities. We eat these items occasionally, with rice or snacks. Do we want to settle for a mass produced run-of-the-mill product with possibly preservatives, vinegar and citric acids and god know what other chemicals? We didn't think so!  At least at our home we did not want to settle for less.

Hence, we started this company. We sell what we eat at home. We make these items as fresh as possible. Yes, it is super expensive to get them by courier, but we didn't want to compromise on the freshness and the quality. Speaking of the quality, yes we use the best ingredient possible. We do not cut corners to save few pennies.

Business Plan: We don’t have a business plan! We just want to bring these great tasting items from a mother’s kitchen to your dinner table. That’s all!!

If you want to share your recipes or a new item that your grandmother used to make, please let us know and we may be able to prepare it.

Please let us know how you like these items. We want to constantly improve our products.


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