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Small side dish in Indian meals Posted: October 28 2022
Indian pickles are often used as a small side dish in Indian meals. Sometimes, a dab of pickle is eaten along with a bite of the roti (bread). In south Indian meals, a dab of pickle is often eaten with a morsel of curd rice. Some people prefer mixing in...   read more
Here is a thing, Indian pickle is very spicy. So, it goes well with bland dishes. My favourite combo is Curd rice(Yougurt rice) with Lemon or Mango pickle. YES, curd rice might seem awkward to most of the westerners, but TRUST ME it tastes so good.Take normal cooked rice, mix...   read more
Humble Beginnings Posted: April 20 2021
Our motivation for starting this business is that we did not find these traditional home made pickles in the market today.  However, there are quite a few commercial pickle companies who prepare them on a massive scale in factories and god knows when they are made! They come in ships from India,...   read more
Make Pulihora for your next party Posted: April 20 2021
Ah! The favourite Naivedyam of Gods! Not just that. Along with fresh mango leaves thoranam, the colorful flowers and the scent of incense sticks. Pulihora (Puliodarai, tamarind rice, chitrannam) is a MUST on any auspicious occasion.Unlike other Prasadams you make like Boorelu, Garelu etc Pulihora does not need to be...   read more
Fresh sambar powder in 15 minutes Posted: April 20 2021
Sambar is an all time favorite with all South Indian households. In fact it is so much associated with Madras (now Chennai) that the two cannot be separated from one another. It is versatile like Amitabh Bachan - with its universal appeal to the young and old alike.A vessel full...   read more
Gongura Pachadi or chutney (Pitwaa in Hindi- sorrel leaves in English) is an all time favorite of Andhra or Telugu people. It is variously called Andhra Maatha or Sakambhari Devi in sacred veneration by its huge fan following of "Bhojana Priyas" or "foodies" as we call them now. Its blend...   read more
Make Avakaya at home Posted: April 20 2021
Avakaya is undoubtedly the KING of pickles. It is no exaggeration to say that you cannot find a single household in Andhra or Telangana without a jar full of this mouth watering, super spicy concoction. Avakaya is aptly called the Annapoorna, the Goddess with a serving spoon in hand symbolizing...   read more
The very name Lemon is associated with freshness. Lemon is an all season pickle suitable for all times and an all time favorite to all.👉Hungry? A bowlful of hot steaming rice, a spoonful of ghee with a piece of lemon pickle is all that you need.👉Feeling hot and tired on...   read more